The TRIMILL team is focused to provide quick and professional customer support services. The procedure in case of a failure of our machine tool is:

  1. Contact with the customer/operator to identify the problem and to collect as much information as possible
  2. On-line connection to the machine tool to complete the diagnosis of the failure
  3. Troubleshoot and where possible repair via on-line connection, or
  4. Dispatch a member of the TRIMILL Service Team to the customer with proper spare parts and tools
  5. All service activities are recorded in detail for post analysis and feedback into

The company maintains an extensive spare parts inventory and consumables in our warehouse facilities. The highest priority in the service process is given to the recovery of manufacturing capability, followed by further diagnosis and analysis of the failure and how similar problems can be avoided in the future.

All important spare and wear parts are on stock at the TRIMILL-storage and therefore available in shortest possible time. The highest priority is always given to the recovery of the manufacturing capability of the machine tool, followed by detection, why things happened and how similar problems can be avoid in the future.