HF 2520

  • Rigid 7-axes machine, especially developed for the pressing tools, injection moulds and forging dies
  • Unique closed design of the cross-beam (X-axis) and cross-slide (box-in-box design) with internal, quadruple-guided, ram-type milling unit and milling head (Y- and Z-axis)
  • 5-side machining by means of a rotary table and a fork-type milling head
  • Upright gantry configuration machine for high dynamics and accuracy
  • Constantly perfect cutting results thanks to balanced thermo-symmetric design
  • Stationary work piece for the highest surface qualities
  • High productivity - roughing and finishing operations in one set-up
  • Exceptional chip removal, especially for deep cavity cutting
  • Ergonomic configuration - floor-level access to the machine tool interior
  • Superior cost-performance ratio

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