Two TRIMILL VF 3021 at Formenbau Koller

A nice report thanks to Richard Pergler, Oliver Gasteier and Max Koller .
Two TRIMILL VF 3021s ensure finishing performance in mold making at Koller.
The mold makers at the Koller Group in Oberbürg near Dietfurt have acquired an excellent reputation for high competence and quality in large automotive tools in recent years. Especially when it comes to RTM tools or when multi-component technology is involved in injection molding. When it comes to finishing, the experts rely on two VF 3021 #portalmillingmachines from the Czech machine tool manufacturer TRIMILL.
The two Trimill VF 3021 portal machining centers are now facing each other on a foundation built on the hall floor, which connects the two centers on one level. A machine operator can easily keep an eye on both machines. The two large portal milling machines are primarily loaded and unloaded using an indoor crane.
The spindle in the Trimill VF3021 at Koller goes to work with up to 24,000 rpm. The machines can rough and finish in one set up.

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