On May 12th 2014, an important event took place in Uhingen, Germany, at the well-known Allgaier Werke GmbH. A new patent for "Variotempo" pressing technology was announced to public and the new portal machining center TRIMILL VM 13535 was introduced to the invited guests and professional audience. The new machine features travels of X = 13.500mm, Y = 3.500mm and Z = 1.500mm.

Allgaier's significant investment into this modern high dynamics portal machine allows them to dramatically increase their capacity, for internal and external tool production. With the VM 13535's concept of two separate or one combined work area (work table size: 14.500 x 3.800 mm), the new machine gives Allgaier the flexibility to manufacture workpieces having a broad dimensional variability.

Additionally, a large selection of fully automatic exchangeable milling heads provides a high-degree of universality and productivity. This allows uses ranging from heavy roughing to light-duty finishing operations aimed at achieving the highest quality of machined surfaces.

Allgaier Werke GmbH has positioned itself to be maximally flexible and effective to meet future customer requirements.