About us

TRIMILL, a.s., is one of Europe’s leaders in the design, development, and manufacture of high speed extremely accurate and stiff automated machining centers. The company’s products are employed world-wide for precise applications in tool, die, mould and component manufacturing with our machining centers producing products for a broad range of industries including aerospace and automotive. Our product range covers vertical and horizontal HSC machines with travels from 1.100/1.000/700 mm in (x/y/z) up to 13.500/4.500/1.500 mm in (x/y/z) for 3, 5, as well as custom multi-axis configurations.

TRIMILL operates a lean company structure. This is a company strength as it ensures short decision-making times and fast turn around for customized solutions. We also have branch location in Germany which allow us to be close to our customers.